A 60-year-old singer, in a blue dress suppressing a secret arrives in New York City, the place she fled 25 years earlier. She isn't exactly seeking the past, yet it refuses to let her go.

For more than two decades Rivka Zohar has been cleaning her small, modest apartment in Jaffa. Removed from the glamorous life she enjoyed as a young celebrity singer at the end of the 60's in Israel and worlds away from her degrading heroine-addict life on the rough streets of New York City in the 80's. She didn’t just leave her own life behind 25 years ago; she also left her only daughter.

An invitation to revisit New York, the place she was driven to in the 70's full of anticipation, and from where she had returned completely humiliated, takes her to the locations she had escaped from.

 Rivka is on a journey, a journey that is about much more than simply encountering the past.